Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tips : Nak kulit licin lagi halus takkk??

Assalamualaikum ladies~~~

Me think everybody know the basic three step of skincare....wash, toner and moisturize. Me agree that the 3 steps is crucial and we must not missed any of those but those 3 steps alone it's not enough. Eventually your skin will get dull coz your dead skin and impurities on your pores simply cannot been remove by facial cleanser.

For me, person who wear make up everyday a know it's time for me to exfoliate when my make up simply cannot stick to my face, hard to apply, can't last long and sumtimes it tends to get bercapuk-capuk in the middle of the day. Hate it when it happens!

Me have been obsessed with exfoliating for agessss, since my mum introduce me to the skin exfoliator mase me form 3 lagi. Cer kire.....cer kire.....dah berape lame dah tu? My mum really was my beauty consultant/adviser during those days.....she plays an important role on how me appreciate beauty nowadays (may be bcoz anak die yang sorang ni je yang nampak sangat nak melawa doplohpat jam berbanding yang lain hahaha ;p). She thought me a lot and she really take care of her looks and health untill now.....even after giving birth to 12 kids. Still maintain selim melim and problem free skin. Wrinkles and all tu biase la kan for woman at her age. Ko bukan artis nak berbotox or laser-laser ni hiks! ;p

But me know there are still many people skip this vital step of skincare. Sangat-sangat penting for you to exfoliate regularly if you want smooth, evenly toned skin. It's a basic logic, when your skin are clog with dirt and impurities and your dead cell is still there, how the nutrition from all the krim/serum/mask that you apply able to go through you skin and if the dead cell is still there, how the new cell able to form? Pakai lah krim yang mahal or effective macam mane pun, if it can't go through your skin deep enough, you will not get the optimum results. So you need to exfoliate!

There are loads of brilliant products out there and you basically can use any product that suitable with your skin.

Me actually have a mixed brands of skincare product. Means for facial cleanser me use product A, for scrub me use product B, toner product C, moisturiser product D....camtu lah, sume lain-lain. Macam mekap jugak la....campo-campo. Ye lah, selalu sangat keluar macam-macam product baru kan. Mesti nak try....tu yang jadi campur-campur tu. Ade orang kate tak elok kan, but far for me ok sajeeeee ;)

Back to exfoliator thingyyy, me always make sure that me will lightly exfoliate my face every day and more heavy or concentrated exfoliator every twice a week.

For light exfoliator me use Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Exfoliator.

Me use this everyday after cleansing....pakai macam biase je macam pakai pencuci muke tu. Me suke coz biji-biji die banyak and quite big. Bile sental tu it will spread evenly around your face.....rase puas je menyental kan hehehe. Memang terase perbezaannye after you use this especially mase first time korang try. Terase muke ni licinnn je...rase lain sangat. Best!

But unfortunately Body Shop has discontinued this product. The last time me went to buy this they already came out with new product which the bijik-bijik is not rich as this one. Sedihhh~~~

Luckily me manage to get them off the rack hihihi ;p Sebab me buat muke sedih kat salesgirl tu and me said me don't want to buy the new one. So dengan baik hatinye die keluarkan from their stock kat belakang kedai to let me have it. They said sebab stok baru dah sampai so they have to display the new one on the rack, but yang lame ade je lagi diaorang simpan. Me ask how much they have left? They said three and me like....give me all of them! Wahaha....bolot semua okk hiks! Bole la nak buat stok for the next 3 months kan. But after that kena cari new product lain la pulak haish! :(

As me said earlier....tak kisah pun product ape, asalkan sesuai dengan kulit uolls and you're comfortable using it, bole sajeee.

Owhh....this Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Exfoliator will cost you around RM38 or RM39 camtu la. Lupe pulak exact price die.

Then for heavy or concentrated exfoliator me use Sea White Exfoliant Gel and Gel Pengelupasan Syahirah.

This one harge around RM30++, can get at Watson or Guardian but me think they have change the packaging now. Me buy this last year kut, kite bukan pakai selalu and sebanyak facial cleanser, that's why tahan lame. Plus me ade due tige jenis exfoliator yang me use as well. Malas and selalu lupe pakai pun ye ;p

This one pulak memang murah RM10++ saje rasenye. Murahkan? Kualiti pun not bad....but me like Sea White more. Tak tahu kenape....same je pun hasilnye hehehe. Sebab me put high expectation kut mase mule-mule beli ni....previously me use their facial cleanser and me like it soooo much. So me expect me will like this as much as me like the facial cleanser. But its not bad tho...ok jeee.

See....tak payah barang mahal-mahal pun nak cantik ok. Asalkan pakai dengan berdisiplin! hehehe ;p

How to use this? Let me tell you. Owhh....this is my way of using it ok. Kalau uolls rase tak sesuai you can use as per direction in the packaging or do it your way.

First, after remove make up and all, me will use the light exfoliator tu dulu. Pakai macam biase and bilas kasi bersih. Then keringkan muke, lap-lap asal tak de air menitik-nitik tu ok la. Pastu picit exfoliator yang gel ni dalam 1cm to 1.5cm and ratekan seluruh muka. Seperti biase avoid eyes and mouth area. Gosok-gosok seluruh muke sampai die jadi ketul-ketul halus macam daki tu.
Process nak jadikan die ketul-ketul macam daki ni mengambil mase, seminit or more la you just kene continue scrubbing it ok. Kadang-kadang kalau uolls terpicit lebih sangat pun die tak jadi jugak. So kena make sure portion die cukup-cukup je untuk your face....kene pandai bajet la. 

Lepas dah berdaki-daki dah muke tu....bilas dengan air bersih and basuh pulak dengan facial cleanser. Me memang akan cuci muke dengan facial cleanser lepas exfoliate sebab tadi kan keluar ketul-ketul macam daki tu, rase tak bersih je kalau tak cuci. So cuci laaa ;p
 Other benefit from regularly exfoliate your skin are (source):-
  • speed up the process of skin flaking and shedding (salin kulit)
  • improve your complexion
  • make your skin look brighter and feel smoother
  • encourage the growth of new skin cells
  • increase blood circulation (sebab gosok lame sangat hiks!)
  • brings a glow to your face (wowww!!!)
  • improve skin texture and color
  • remove skin blockages (bersihkan liang roma)
  • allow your face to maintain an adequate amount of oil (muka tak berminyak)
  • gives the impression of erasing fine lines and wrinkles (awet muda giteww~~)
  • keep your skin clear and healthy looking (nice~~)
  • stimulate cellular renewal
  • prevent breakouts
  • remove toxins from your skin
  • skin preparations are absorbed more easily (senang nak apply make-up hehe ;p)

Punyelah banyak benefits and positiveness by exfoliating ni kannn. Me preaching for you yang tak pernah exfoliate to try it and you will feel the different. For sure, it will instantly bring glow to your face. It's like you're getting a new skin, totally fresh and glowwwwing~~~
So jangan malas-malas ok....lets start exfoliating sekarang jugak! 


Nabila Abnul Hisham said...

rajin benor ye kia mgomen akak sajor...hikhik..
thanks sis coz always give feedback yg membantu la...
pasal entry ni...barula kita tau psl exfoliating saya ni nak follow yg 3 step malas nak mampuih huhu..pasni kena bdisiplin balik la gamaknyer.. nak dapatkan kulit halus mulus gitu...really great info for someone like me...:-)

yana sahri said...

zooommmm... terus org pi beli kat body shop, yg aloe vera. carik2 yg gel x jmpe. Org jepon x gune ke hape? wuwuwu....

ChLoE said...

Hehe...bagus2. Mane2 pun tak pe janji exfoliate ok!

Kasehku said...

Thnx for the info. Mmg new info sgt2 la. Ingtkan skin care ni just wash, toner and moisturizer, and masker. Ur link pun mmg berguna. Nnt share tips makeup lak eak. Suke ur makeup stail. Thnx so much.

ChLoE said...

Hehe...itulah die nye, yang penting kena displin. Tapi once dah start, InsyaAllah rajin kut nak amalkan sebab bile lame x exfoliate akan rase kulit tu dah x best. So mesti pastu terhegeh-hegeh nak exfoliate hehe ;))

Kasehku, berguna kite sebar-sebarkan lah kan. Alhamdulillah kalau tips/info ni berguna...glad to help ;))
Cek out my make up entry kat link ni pulak k.--->